The “Keyo” is a 493 sqft small house built by Kelvin Young based Charlotte, North Carolina. It features an open living space with a living room and a full-size kitchen, a 12′ x 10.75′ bedroom…

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9 Responses

  1. veronica

    Nice. But im sure the price is comparable to a regular size house, so, what's the point. Music made the vid drag on and on. Sometimes background music can be annoying af

  2. Hikari Uchiha

    Cute with a beautiful tub but I don't want people going thru my bedroom to use the bathroom. Just saying.

  3. Kim M

    Should have taken advantage of the height and put in a loft. Otherwise, it’s great space!

  4. rablount

    Great layout for a tiny home….absolutely horrid music accompanist…wow….had to watch with no volume 🙄


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