“Modular Kitchen Design – Mumbai” by CivilLane.com ▻Get Free Estimate here: ➜ http://www.civillane.com/modular-kitchens/ Here we have finished modular …

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27 Responses

  1. Ayesha Altamas

    wow amazing work very good job keep it up 👍 👍 👍

  2. Taras Kobets

    All of my woodworks I am making with woodprix. Google and try it.

  3. Raja palla

    Hello sir
    I'm watching your videos regularly, the videos are very useful to me and also the other people who are going to construction their own home. I would like to thank you for those videos.
    Could you explain the deference between PVC foam sheet and WPC board and Corian sheet. And the uses

  4. Sumeet Gundawar

    Sir matka door ke pichee lagane se matke ko hava nahi lagegi or pani thanda nahi hoga

  5. sony naganur

    What about the durability …No provision to keep the soap over the sink which is very important

  6. sukanya hoskote jaywant

    Beautiful and bright kitchen! What's the size of this?

  7. Manali Mankad

    What i have known so far is Civil Lane utilitises space very efficiently along with very functional design ideas… Beautiful work, crisp video upto the point.

  8. Lata Bhagtani

    Superb please ye kitne me banta hai woh ja nna hai muje banvana hai jaldi btaiagha


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