Hi friends , Here in this video I am sharing some useful tips on kitchen designing and organising. Particularly in south India in Tamil Nadu our main foods are …

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  1. Ashwini G

    Unga veeda parthu, I was like Awwww!! Love to see ur videos on organization and design…after each such video, I make a detailed discussion with my husband and dream for a similar house in future…. looking forward for ur entire home tour!!!!

  2. vinothini shankar

    really very nice…..can u tell me the cost of ur kitchen interiar work ……. and who did this……

  3. Saranya Saravanan

    Hello mam , the rice bowl area was very innovative. Pls can u suggest me the measurements for that section. We constructing a new house with customized modular kitchen. This info will be very useful for me. And where did u order that rice container?
    Thanks and regards

  4. Study notes for future professionals J Anandhee

    Can u tell the shop to buy rice drum

  5. Sree Ramya Dronamraju

    Hello Kavitha garu, plz let me know how have you ordered the rice drum? Also plz mention the dimensions, capacity, cost

  6. Ruby

    mam you are really lovely to show us this idea,mam what if someone wants to make rice container drawer for 25kg,what will be its length and height?

  7. Mohammad Isam

    Na ippo veedu katta poram so naa modular kitchen illa norma la ippo epdi kitchen built panna sollalam pls… give some ideas

  8. sumathi sugavanam

    How to arrange dosa tawa chapati set up and Onion garlic basket in modular kitchen mam.

  9. Madhu Mitha

    From which shop or Wer u got for designing the stainless steel

  10. Badri Pk

    U can divide the rice drum by keeping 2 – 25 kg rice sacks separately so that u can keep idly rice as well.

  11. Supriya Dontha

    Hi Kavitha, I can't understand Tamil, where do we get these?

  12. Roshna Bi

    Nice… I am very much impressed by your kitchen and liked this rice drum too.. hope I like your home too… please do the house tour… it will be very useful for me and most of us here who are all going to build a home.. Thank you

  13. NADMAH

    Hi madam,which material you used to make your kitchen white cabinet? Is it plywood or wood?

  14. sandhya sivakumaran

    You can keep cardboard in between the drum to create additional.space.. Actually we can even move the cardboard to the corner and allocate 1/3 of the drum for paruppu (dal) and remaining 2/3 to rice ..I have.tried this partition method in my home and works well

  15. Kumar Kumar

    Can you give me the contact number of modular kitchen designer

  16. Rsg Ghatti

    It's not going to take weight of rice…. within year the functionality of trolley will be affected

  17. Ayswarya Rayappan

    Very impressive kitchen mam.. super..if we fit stove on our countertop is it possible to service our stove when necessary..plz rep


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