Fixer Upper’s Chip & Joanna Gaines House United States Waco Texas.

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  1. Brittney Holmes

    I loved them, and had high hopes. Ever item I purchased from Magnolia website has been cheap crap. Highly disappointed.

  2. Suzan Skurchak

    JoAnna and Chip you two make life look so very easy. Maybe it's the love you have for each other and for you great kids. I live what you do and how you do it. The finished product is just perfect for the new owners. I have even tried to talk my husband into retirement in the Waco,Texas area. I love you two and wish you even more success. One day they are going to rename Waco. Maybe Magnolia Life. Or something like that. God bless you both. Suzan Skurchak Bowie,Maryland. P.S. I am a country girls at heart. Even though i am 75 years young.

  3. Cheryl Kollek

    Hey you two! Love your show! You are awesome! Do you ever go to another state, and take on a fixer upper? I am moving back to AR. And am looking at places to buy! But most of them need a major overhaul! Would you consider taking something like this on? I have retired, live in HI, and feel the Lord telling me it is time to move back, closer to family!

  4. Queen Alice Kingsley

    VERY EXCITED!!! We watch the show just to help us survive doing a top to bottom remodel of my late parents 1950s rambler, it soooooooo bad…..and we live in Napa, due to fires theres no one available to help that is good and you can trust, if I drank it would become my new full time job dealing with the house, so their farmhouse and playfulness gets us through!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  5. abibatou sar

    Je voudrais bien avoir votre numéro mais je ne comprends pas l anglais . à l aide 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


    Man with no eye strong cultural African nation. Which country? Women are not same respect level to interact as men. Tell me I am wrong.

  7. Martha Aguirre

    Hermosa pareja me fascinan sus muebles mi sueño un 🏠 hecha por ellos!! ✨❤️✨🌹

  8. Robbie French

    You 2 are EVIL EVIL EVIL
    What you did to your "friends " is F….ING REPULSIVE!!!!!!!!
    Over money…of course. Also its time to cut out the cutesie routine….
    You are both the spawn of SATAN….

  9. Dawn Wolfe

    We, Hospice of Kankakee Valley, have purchased and renovating an 8,000 sq ft church to turn into a community grief center with your design style in mind. Really wish it could actually be you two renovating it. We want to create a homey, safe and therapeutic space where people can come together to share their stories of the loved ones in an environment that feels like home.

  10. Leanne McCallum

    I am from a little city called Adelaide, South Australia and you must know you have a huge following Downunder. It shows that you really love your work because everything is finished to a very high standard. Great show, lovely family with a great attitude to life. Well done Chip and Joanna!

  11. Hillary Lies

    You two idiots are pathetic. The picture of you two clowns on Yahoo looks like you both got kicked by a couple bulls. Two of the biggest fakes I’ve seen around. Wow, idiots

  12. Marieanna Bourne

    I wish you two would fix my house so I would actually like living in it again 😃 Can you do it in a “Clean House” way to produce the $$? I have plenty of stuff to sell. ❤️ I love YOUR style but don’t have that budget 😔 what’s a girl to do

  13. Robbie French

    I will never understand how you 2 sleep at night. How did you guys let money destroy your morals the way it did? You should be ashamed for what you did to your partners. HORRIBLE COUPLE!!!!! You can keep telling yourself criticism is to be expected when you're in the Limelight however Joe and I know if you look deep it bothers you. You can tell chip is just riding your coattails……..Please dont push your children to the back burner like you did "your friends"….. remember you are their mother not the camera crew.


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