In this video I show you my new beautiful Kitchen. My family and I have built/ bought a brand new home aka a modular home. We love our kitchen layout and …

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  1. ayeikat

    New subbie beautiful family and home Congratulations!

    I’m currently researching and trying to decide if I want to go the Modular home route in Massachusetts or New Hampshire area. Thank you for your videos on this topic.

  2. CheerMaster Disaster

    buy a horizontal paper towel holder for under your "catch all" counter area its up and off the counter and out of the way. i find having little ones and a vertical napkin holder to 1 be in the way and gets moved a lot and 2 when kids spill stuff which usually so happens that when there is a spill the napkins happen to be the victim of the spill and get soaked and ruins the entire roll.

  3. M. Corège

    Absolutely love your music choice at the very end and the little clip of your sweet daughter running into the room – thx for sharing – cheers from Canada


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