How amazing do our countertops look now with that contact paper?! I am still kind of freaking out about how much I love how it turned out. Mostly all of the new …

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  1. Alyssa Wright

    My countertops are brown granite. Real stone is nice but the color I hate. We are renting. I wonder if I could apply your technique to the granite

  2. cherrymaes

    I love this decor. How did I not know this existed lol?!? Such a great idea and I love marble too

  3. Arvabelle

    I love what you did with this! And I'd love to see a future video on how the countertop peel-and-stick marble holds up – especially around the sink!

  4. Cindy Ramirez

    My kitchen is almost identical to yours! I got a lot of amazing ideas from you! Made me really happy! Thank you for the great video! And I shared it on Facebook with 800 friends!

  5. Mimi West

    The counters look amazing, along with the backsplash in the other kitchen. Love it! I will be curious to see how the kitchen counter tops hold up. I think I might definitely try this in my bathrooms. Those counter tops are some type of laminate with an almost marble look, but with strange colors of mauve, grayish-brownish veining. My kitchen counter tops are a terrible yellow laminate…

  6. F Elicia

    This is the best ❤️❤️ love that this channel is still relatable

  7. Laurie Nash

    We custom built our house about 1.5 years ago, so we chose our granite. It is a creamy colour with some brown/grey veining and sparkle in it.

  8. Nicole Dayman Kent

    Hahah my counters are dirty, stained white laminate and I’m going to try the contact paper!! I was trying to figure out which one to use, so thank you!

  9. Pizza Slut

    My kitchen countertops are yellow laminate 🙁 … good thing i dont cook and dont spend much time in the kitchen

  10. Genesis R Serrano

    Yellow title. I rent as well. Your landlord doesnt mind the changes?

  11. L's Channel

    OMG! I died laughing over the chrissy Teigen spoons! I got both colors too! 😂

  12. Katy Larson

    I’m in my forever home, (retired here in our mid 50s) and the granite in our kitchen is taupe and called Five Star, I love it!

  13. Sutton

    Love this! Do you happen to have the link for the wall mounted spice racks? They are SO cute!

  14. Brittany Alexandria

    Oh my gosh! This video was posted just in time! I was literally JUST looking into how to change out my countertops since I rent too 👏👏🙌👍

  15. Wanda Richardson

    Great video👍😉
    We have a greyish-green granite looking laminate. Still in great condition and looks great, too👌
    Another option is to paint the countertops.
    Thank you for sharing✌💛☺


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