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  1. Great Scotts

    We look forward to showing you our furnished great room next. Many of you have given us such great suggestions on that space! ❤️

  2. martha de anda

    omg😍😍😍 I want a video like this for every room in the house

  3. Nickol Hernández Mejía

    Everything was perfect, but when you crack the pasta I had a heart attack

  4. mrs G

    hello fresh part ..edited like a commercial advertisement.. superb..
    loved ur kitchen
    can you please tell which camera are you using ..and which editing app…

  5. valarya

    With the open-pulls on the drawers (yay no hardware choices), the open shelving, the white sheer fronts and tops, the painted brick, and the wooden slat ceiling.. it truly IS a dream kitchen. I'm in love. I will never be able to afford anything as amazing as this

  6. Dee Stanley

    I love your kitchen!! It looks very clean and streamlined!! Very contemporary!!!!

  7. Ali L

    Wow! LOVE that kitchen aid appliance pull up cupboard thing- amazing! Gorgeous kitchen. You'll have enough room even when the quint neices and nephews are round 😆

  8. Elena Gonzalez

    2 for 2 you go 😉 edit those videos love u and ur brothers family – from Chicago

  9. michelle elmore

    I think most want a good size kitchen… I love the design of it and how open it is to the rest of the home! If I built my own home . I’d have two dishwashers and make sure I have plenty of storage .

  10. gals in grace

    Again, gorgeous. Love the appliance lift! The Amber chairs are gorgeous and so are all the light fixtures. Well done.

  11. Brittany DIY

    Love the editing on the hello fresh part. I seen so many sponsors hello fresh and it gets a little annoying but I would rewatch y’alls over and over. The editing made it more interesting to watch

  12. Nia Ferris

    Wow! The kitchen is beautiful, I want it😍🤤Always excited for you to upload, you make my day when you do!


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