Hey guys! I just got back from the builder’s design center, and today I’m showing you all the interior features I chose for my dream home. Watch the entire House …

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  1. Naporche S

    I’m stressing out like I have to make all these decisions. Girl after this video I need a drink. 🤦🏾‍♀️ this too much

  2. Dalesha's Life

    I have the same issue when it comes to carpet, I feel like it gets dirty so easily and I don’t like to feel it on my feet or Touch it with my hands LOL, even despise seeing it, I know I’m weird.

  3. Vanity Flores

    I’m considering the house tour as my graduation present. It should be done by the time I graduate. I can’t can’t can’t wait to see it!! You’re so inspirational!

  4. Pecantan comeagain

    I am loving how you are sharing this information with us and I've been taking notes every time. My question is once, will a home owners association fee be included in your mortgage with a new build?

  5. kreatewithKrystle

    Loving this series!!! I’m right behind you in the process of home building. Keep them coming!!

  6. The Helpful Driver

    You have an eye for home decor, so I know everything is going to turn out great. I like the idea of white crisp walls too. You’re giving me ideas for when I become a home buyer!

  7. Simply Deborah

    I think when it all comes together it’s going to be absolutely beautiful, I love white as well, you can always go back to add accents to the room . So happy for you and your baby 💕

  8. Charlie Hocking

    Can you do a video on the make up look your wearing in this Video so I can use it for my graduation look? It would look good with the dress Iv chosen

  9. G Jones

    I loveeeeeeee this series. I now have house building fever. You’re style is very similar to my own so I love this.

  10. The Helpful Driver

    I don’t think you ever mentioned garage space and how many cars can fit. It’s important! Maybe you can tell us next time.

  11. Jennifer Lopez Santiesteban

    I honestly BARLEY found your channel & I’m in love already (lol) Can’t wait to see more of your process girl 😊

  12. Arnesha R.

    I totally would want pure white walls for the same reasons you got them, however, …. lol my mom just got a new house and she has off-white walls and when i tell you they got marked the first day after moving in (and we're all grown lol). I think I'm gonna have to reconsider, maybe a light gray, not that that would be much better. I LOVE all of your choices though! I can't wait to see it when it's done! I know it will be stunning!


    Whew Chile I hope you get a year supply of those washable markers for Ziya with all this white! Lmao

    But serious question. How does one pay for all the interior design things? I’m assuming there is a deposit but do that have it set up in installments or is it all upfront?

  14. Taziah G.

    900k subscribers! 🙌❤️🤪 almost at 1 mil Raven!! 🤩🤩 finally , all the hard work will have paid off 😘

  15. Star Bright

    Raven I really really love watching your videos. They actually calm me down when I feel like I’m having an anxiety attack. But I just have a question I want to ask and I hope you don’t take it personal. But are you really happy with your life? Like genuinely happy? Cus you have stuff you’re spending a looot of money on and I know when I’m not where I’m supposed to be mentally, I’ll compulsively spend money as a means of filling a void. Yes it’s your money and you can do what you want. But as a long-time and caring subscriber, I just really wanted to know if you’re ok. Again, this is NOT coming from a place of disrespect.


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