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  1. HomeWise By Leena

    Very nice video friend.. Amazing decoration using old dupattas

  2. Bratati Mitra

    Very innovative ideas soumi. I WL definitely try. Amar darun laglo. Lots of luv

  3. Easy creative lifestyle By Salina chowdhury

    Nice idea dear 🤗🤗 keep uploading

  4. Krish d

    Nice ideas, but puting duppatta over sofa will make it untidy once someone sits ,as it will slip a lot and will become messy. We have to arrange it often…. Butbya dinning table dupatta idea was gud👍🙂

  5. Angshuman Saha

    Soo lovely n well mentein …
    Bohut hi khubsurat hai aapka room n diy … from pinky

  6. Riya Das

    Hi…. Aamake tomar living room er wall paper khub bhalo laglo…. Plz tell me from where did u purchased. ..

  7. Dolly Guha

    Aj ki vedio achhe nehi. ……bohut achhe lagi hain. …love you

  8. Tiyash Biswas

    tomaar ideas gulo khub unique…aamaar daarun laage decor-video dekhte…husband-er operation, thik-thaak bhaabei hoyeche…kono rawkom major OT hoini…Dr. minor kore diyechen…akhon O bhaalo aache…tumi jaanaate bolechile, taai health-update-taa dilaam…😀
    previous vlog-baade, taar aager tin/chaarte vlog ektu check koro…tomaar reply-gulo oi-khaane pending royeche…☺

  9. Kaushik Das

    Wonderful ideas…Soumi durdanto chilo vlog ta thank u..👌👌😍😍♥️♥️

  10. Sweety Singh

    table runner idea by using your old dupatta is really useful… i will also try it with my Dining table….

  11. Srikant Verma

    Aapne itne beautiful dupatta ko discard kar diya. can't believe..

  12. manas bhunia

    Nice idea amio majha majha arakom orna diye decorat kori.. Khub valo lage… Paramita

  13. Sangita Ghosh

    Soumi tomar kitchen cleaning video te gas burner er pechoner wall a white colour er ekta paper tene tulle …ota ki r kotha theke kineco pls janio details a

  14. Sharmistha Sengupta

    Beautiful decor ideas Soumi👌👌👌👌👌👌❤❤❤❤❤

  15. Arundhati Banerjee

    Lovely video Soumi. You really do wonders with your decor ideas. Hope to see many more in future. Take care.

  16. Sumana Mitra

    Hi di kamon acho.aj Ker video Tao vlo..vlo idea…amr youtube channel name Sumana mitra..


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