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24 Responses

  1. Linda Jones

    Your choice of music is awesome. Somehow fits with these lovely cottages and gardens. Thank you.

  2. Vijiya Ari

    If I have the chance to renovate my small home, it will be like your Romantic Cottage.

  3. nina cabral

    Your channel is the best♥
    And the musics sounds like "good vibrations" to me.

  4. Chica 411

    Cozy old cottages were back when people married for life however many kids they had they stayed put cheaters were very rare there was never so much space that people grew apart cottages were the most obvious sign of a really happy home

  5. Ausra Verikaitis

    i would love to sleep in the bedroom with jared ow i can take an afternoon nap and dream about just that.on this romantic rainy afternoon..brandy

  6. avner girl

    Beautiful gardens and I got some good ideas for a couple of color schemes; I have never been a fan of wicker furniture or wallpaper tho. But I love the flower bushes.

  7. Carolyn Haskett

    what can I say? i LOVE LOVE IT ALL ! Just so Lovely and Romantic ! All the Victorian appeal inside and out. The. Gardens are breath taking! Some of those I thought maybe I had been there? Because I wanted to Stay! Thank You So VERY Much for sharing beautiful calming atmosphere. It's so strange what one sees . . . and then another? I sincerely enjoyed my afternoon walk.


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