Vivian and Dominic met while studying in England and now share a one bedroom one bathroom apartment in San Francisco. But they have found it challenging …

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  1. Nadia R

    the result is great. although i must say you have to live very minimalistic in a small place. having said that not many people can feel comfortable long term in a small space. i'm looking forward to moving from a small apartment to a townhouse next month.

  2. April Triana

    IKEA!!!! I just moved into my small Los Angeles apartment please help me design and decorate my one bedroom apartment. We have a kitchen living room combo we need help!!!

  3. Lets Build That App

    Just throwing away all that useless junk would've cleaned up a majority of the unit. And guess what, it only costs the grand total of FREE.

  4. ML Korb-Leung

    Where did all the shoes and stuff in the cupboard go? Shelves were put in to create a study nook wuth a lil table but what hapoened to the old stuff in that cupboard?

  5. mammie barry


  6. Russell From UP's Official Youtube Channel

    Why don't you just hire an IKEA interior designer to remake your house instead of buying all of these things

  7. Kenith McIntosh

    So…clean up your dirty azz apartment and organize your junk, Ikea is on to something foh

  8. Silverback Gorrilla

    I guarantee the house will immediately return to being a mess, because the problem is not the house, it's the people living in it. Same as a highway enlargement just creates more traffic, so will this create more room for them to hoard stuff in.


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