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20 Responses

  1. Nikki Edwards

    Loved the make over!!
    What did you put the tv on? Why didn’t you do a hanger?

  2. Dr Snooz

    Red with black is by far my least favorite color combination, but you've made it work. Well done!

  3. Hemasabz S

    If I ever can afford… I will get you design my house! I am super inspired by you❣️

  4. xingyi Huang

    oh,my god, that ugly red can turns out so so so pretty, you are greater than great

  5. Neha manghnani

    so beautiful! you have taught me so much about furniture and decor Rebecca!

  6. Norma Strong

    I just wanted to add that I'm addicted now! Love everything you do and you help me so much. I consider myself creative and you get me creative.Today 2/27/19

  7. Norma Strong

    Just so creative!! You make me want to redo or touch up every room in my house.

  8. kathryn witte

    Where did you put the guitars and their cases? I only saw one on a stand in the after photos.


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