Creative and inspiring design ideas for a small kitchen. Music: “beeKoo mix” by Lasswell is licensed under a Creative …

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  1. Siraj Abdurrafi

    Thanks for the video.  Lots of great ideas.   The tunes are nice too!!!

  2. jennifer virgen

    I want to take out my cabens out and just make some shelfs. I have a small kitchen.

  3. Rita MG

    Love the music and the kitchens……if you don't like the music, turn it off, play your own music selection and just look at the kitchens, this is not a music site

  4. BJC Bathrooms and Kitchens

    This is great for those who own small kitchens, designs can be difficult to come up with in small UK kitchens, so this video is handy.

  5. Karma Sue

    If you are looking for small kitchens to "warm" your heart, these are not the kitchens that should do the trick. Rule of Thumb: If it seats eight to ten people, it is not a small kitchen. LOL!

  6. Angela Oliveira

    Small???? Either I don't know what small means, or you guys don't have a clue on what a small kitchen really is…


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