In Episode 212 of IKEA Home Tour, the Squad travels to Detroit, Michigan, to help two newlyweds who are in dire need of a living room makeover! Jonathan and …

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  1. Jackie Bautista

    I have a small living room. You guys did an amazing job. Thanks for the video and ideas.

  2. laithoni

    I would like to have a living room makeover. How can i apply for that? Thanks

  3. Joey Frost

    Can some one please help me with the exact layout of this Besta entertainment center, I want the exact layout , pleeease

  4. Annes Embroidery

    Funny, I thought you would do a chaise and chair with a n ottoman or two. But, I do love the pull-out, particularly with storage (that will be great for baby as s/he grows!)
    Now I need to see a chaise implemented. Am thinking of trading in my leather futon-sofa for a chaise & chair with ottoman and want to see it work, first.
    I need a space that works well for customers, and home, too!. Why? I work out of my home! My spot works, or my clients say so, but it gets full fast…

  5. Iahel Cathartes Aura

    I totally wanna live around neighbors like the Walkers! 😁👏 A great couple!

  6. Sue Ellen Chitwood

    What is the cost for living room dinning room makeover. About. Oh yes and furniture put together.

  7. Life on the Shiras

    Incredible work! We live in a tiny apartment with 4 children and thanks to IKEA we were able to decorate it to accomodate 6 humans.

  8. jean billy

    looks like that but it's not like that. It's all about ikea's quality concern

  9. Danielle Petit

    They did an amazing job !
    I love the rug and def the stools under the tv ! Everything is fit perfectly !

  10. Jahaida Garcia

    Does anyone know how this works? We have a small house and would love to have Ikea remodel our living room, but we're from Texas and all IKEA's here are far. Can I still enter?

  11. Fran3 San

    Am I the only one who was waiting for his happy dance ? … yeah oh ok

  12. Kaff231

    What a delightful couple! I was so waiting for his happy dance! Great video wonderful ideas to maximize any space!! 🙂

  13. Dexter Barrientos

    i love ikea even when i was a kid.. i have played with the house furniture making it as if it as if it was ikea… because it was available in europe at that time.. huhu😁😂

  14. bodeswell35

    Nice. Now all they have to do is move that house, lock, stock and barrel out of Detroit before they run out of luck. Go Lions, by the way.

  15. Everybody's somebody

    I love this look. Ikea! Can you sign me up for the Ikea Small Space Makeover? My place is so small and needs help! Thanks! Dee.

  16. Marie Neely

    Everyone please notice how these people from Michigan talk. They do not have accents. They are very clear and precise speakers. They talk like newscasters. That is called the " NO ACCENT ACCENT". Thank you guys for representing Michigan in a fine way.
    Love your new decor.

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