Creative design and decorating ideas for an elegant and gorgeous living room. Amazing and tasteful design ideas. Wide open living spaces beautifully …

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11 Responses

  1. Sonya Peters

    Love your video's.. Can you list the music you play. Need the name of that song in this video..

  2. Martha Phillips

    and to me open floor plans kitchen dining living all together remind me of the grange hall and loose the coziness and no i never like looking right into a kitchen

  3. Martha Phillips

    i love these videoes with music instead of all the chatter love the elegance too

  4. saadaashrafa

    Speechless!!😘 every videos create inspiration to us & never stop admiring your ideas🌻👏👏👏👏 Mr Grig Stamate

  5. Peter N

    Now these are some beautiful living rooms. So nice to see they're not all connected to a kitchen!

  6. Eu Acredito ELE VÊM

    Wunderschön. SUPPER
    Maravilhoso my Friend…


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