You can find more details about the builder/designer and pricing of this awesome Tiny Home here: Custom Container Living …

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  1. Starcade 85 talk radio

    box car aka shoe box . lousey floor plan with huge amount of wasted space 👎

  2. Devin Schiff

    Just would add a stove next to the dishwasher there personally, I prefer an actual stove rather then some of those countertop units. An actual stove, be it propane or natural gas. Otherwise it's an ideal indoor setup. I do like the porch area, Might be nice to do an extended overhang for a motorcycle or something else, a tiny car port, keep you out of the rain on those really wet days.

  3. Nofretari

    Why not a full floor since it's not on wheels. Would be more comfortable. Even if it didn't go all the way across.

  4. ryefry

    I don't understand starting with a shipping container if you're just going to cut off the top anyway. Once you remove the top, it loses it's rigidity altogether.

  5. SumErgoMonstro

    Why take away what could be indoor space for the "front porch" (other than a couple of feet so you can stand out of the rain while fumbling for keys)?


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