The Cedar Mountain Tiny House, built by Nashville-based New Frontier Tiny Homes (the design geniuses behind the seriously stylish Alpha Tiny Home), might …

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2 Responses

  1. いんくれ

    living room is tyne too.
    Too bad.

  2. roxanneworld11

    very nice!..and saw the shower head, i think (not a close-up), so i believe it is a wet bath?..but didn't see a floor height change or lip division re: the door/other side/rest of the tiny how do they keep the remainder of the tiny home free from flooding and water damage?? there a gradual, not obvious sunken floor leveling that meets its deepest measurement in the middle of the bathroom?… haven't heard of that yet but i'm letting my imagination fly..and because, imho, it's possibly a great idea!! ☺ [even if its s new idea..of course, which it may not be at all]. 🤔


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