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45 Responses

  1. Dan

    10,000th video I have watched where the thumbnail screenshot never appears in the actual video.

  2. friendinspirit

    Please change your thumbnail picture as it's misleading, dishonest, and found NOWHERE within this video. Also some advice would be to include links to products.

  3. Anonymous 787

    The beds are a smart innovative idea for SINGLE people when who have a basically nyc size apartment, yet want to have more uses for this furniture. But by no means do any of these look sturdy enough for 2 people or to even have sex on lol.

  4. Sophie Zhang

    Let’s not talk about how this is so clickbait but how jealous I am cuz the beds look soooooo comfy

  5. Jpbggb

    I’m betting CANADIANS. The people are neatly contained in high rise containment centers… I mean apartments…. just how I planned it all

  6. djzman

    Click Bait! Why do you show a photo of a man in a bed, but then the video does not have it in it. Sorry you earned a Thumps down.

  7. Tomsouz17

    Dislike for the clickbait and how desperate on space do u have to be to want to sleep on these beds that just look uncomfortable, and most of them dont even look good while they are closed

  8. yeyegshsjkrkr hehey st eyeheh

    At 1:00 lol imagine having to take a massive shit and that shit taking forever lol


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