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42 Responses

  1. Green Lady

    Fantastic video! Gorgeous! 💚💚💚✌️SUBSCRIBED and SHARED….

  2. Tony Diaz

    your're awesome, gave me lots of great ideas, thanks! love you too.

  3. Vickie Copeland

    I wish I had your eye for design! I need to send you pictures of my dull home!

  4. Kalondia Casey

    I absolutely love your design helpful hints! You are incredibly talented and I just love your channel – sharing with friends. Let's hit 1,000,000 before the end of this year!

  5. Debra Fairchild

    OMG… So elegant. I can't wait to see if you can come to Georgia and help me.

  6. itsShanaJaye and Family

    Can we talk about that floating mirrored shelving in the "small" bathroom tho?!!! Was it custom made? Absolutely gorgeous!!! 🤗💜

  7. Rachel Maynard

    Great tips in all your videos, subscribed back in December when renovating our house in Nottingham England! I recommend your videos to all my friends and family X

  8. Sara F.

    You are incredibly talented!!! And the extra glasses comment was hilarious.

  9. EEN63

    I absolutely LOVE the oval tiles in the small bathroom! Unique with such a great impact! Great tip to making the room appear wider by tiling the entire wall seamlessly into the shower. However, I think the greatest impact was changing out those teeny-tiny doors! To me, high ceilings just call for correctly proportionate doors. If you are fortunate enough to have high ceilings, I say go grand with the doors too!

  10. Stephanie

    Jeez Rebecca!! your like the Jay Z of design…..Gurrrl!!! your thought process is of the chiz-arts… keep flipping your ace cards of creativity its definitely a God given gift!!! xx

  11. Susan Hull

    Rebecca, my dear, everyone loves you! The condo looks brilliant because you are brilliant! The more I decorate my home, the better I feel. Good mental health promotes good physical health. Now, home is where the heart lives. Thank you for bringing beauty into this crazy time. XOXO

  12. Jordan Wilson

    I wish you were a professor at my design school you give amazing interior design tips and showcase amazing work 👏🏻 cheers from Canada 🇨🇦

  13. Anthony Mangham

    An amazing apartment, but, was it not meant to be a solution video for "small apartments"?

  14. Lore Lynn

    Love that last bathroom design. The stone is amazing.
    Shadow is my new favorite color. Plans for my bathroom when I'm ready to decorate it. <3
    I love your channel, but your designs is what keeps me coming back. Love that blouse on you and I'm eagerly awaiting your next adventure.
    Yes! You should be at 10 million subs…I mean it. <3
    LYV's! <3

  15. KELLI2L2

    PEDESTAL SINKS: Agree about useless pedestal sinks in small bathrooms (there's no place 4 your stuff)!
    NICHE: I would not have changed that small closet to a picture poster niche (waste of space) ~ even a hideaway bookcase would have been more functional ~ or thinking out of the box, a TV 📺 or tech center, or a private worship alter (for those interested in that kind of thing in their bedroom). wink 😉 wink.

  16. Jose Jimenez

    My friends tell me I’m crazy jus because sometimes I paint the baseboard the same color as the wall. Now I see that you also do it 😃

  17. Beth Peedin

    Another great design as always Rebecca. Can't pick a favorite, but I did love that you thought about the client cooking spaghetti!!

  18. Angela Collins

    You utterly, totally and completely smashed it, Rebecca. Can't wait to see whats next!

  19. D

    Damn. That’s just simple brilliance. Simple if your brilliant and see solutions the rest of us don’t. I’ve been saying this channel should have a million subscribers for awhile now.

  20. Katie Mayflower

    I was kind of thinking that the whole modern chocolate look was a little over? I did my bathroom like this 12 years ago? I'm just getting a little bit of a hotel vibe, not that that is a bad thing… I feel like it was such a light space and then it looks so dark in the after. Not that the before style was good but the after seems a little off of the showroom floor or all from the same furniture store? Like I'll take that and that and that. You always do a fantastic job but I would love to see something NOT chocolate or modern glam…

  21. Treena Ave

    You are an interior designer goddess.very good eye..very confident too

  22. Leah G Whisenant

    I. Love. EVERYTHING about this!! Stunning and brilliant design, materials, wow. wow. wow!

  23. Renee Raw

    GENIUS….I’m building my dream home in PA. Please come help me!!

  24. My Name

    Tfs! So many lovely details. The outcome is so pretty, classy, slick and current. U and your team truly come through every time.

  25. eduardo evangelio

    As always, you never fail WOWing us with your design! Great job!!

  26. HI CAM

    Those tips were awesome! Clearly alot of hard work & thought went into the design, but it comes off as effortless & seamless. That is the work of a creative genius. Thanks RR for sharing. Can't wait for your next video.

  27. soffyabad

    you are the best, if you make christmas videos since november it will be just fantastic, kisses from Lima Peru and happy birthday gir!!!!!

  28. chelin7023

    Rebecca, the focal point you created (first impression), is another awesome “outside the box” thinking (why I’m not surprise?!) Fantastic solution!

  29. Jen E

    Love it Even more! You can totally get to a million before the end of the year. 😀


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