Are you planning your dream kitchen? if your kitchen layout needs renovating or you simply want to refresh your color scheme and details, this video is for you!

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  1. Nader El shafei

    Hi Zahira, thank you so much for your effort to guide and help us , i love designing and colors in general , so i subscribed to your channel, and if you don"t mind i like to ask you an advice about my kitchen as i am designing it these days, love to you from Cairo, Egypt, and by the way ,,you have an Arabic name!)))

  2. Jorge Rodriguez

    Aunque no tengo a nadie quien me cocine πŸ˜₯, solo uso la cocina para preparar mi cafΓ©, dejame decirte que desde que encontrΓ© tu canal, que en este video como en los demΓ‘s siempre e admirado tu buen gusto por las cosas que presentas, por la forma en que lo haces y tambiΓ©n por lo hermosa que eres ❀️. Excelente video gracias!! Zahira. Saludos!! desde πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺ.

  3. bitara

    Well done! Love it! Keep up the good work. Please share with us contemporary lanscaping, modern indoor garden and designs in adapting skylight concept. Thank you.

  4. Bita Bonita

    Thank you so much, I always learn something new in your videos and they also inspire me

    PS: Love your blouse. πŸ€—

  5. Igor Barsowski

    Thank you for the video tips and trends. In the past I had a wooden door in the kitchen with carved where the dust settled and it was not practical. I like the proposed design and now I have it at home, it is practical and easy to clean and it is very pleasant to look at.

  6. Casteliero

    Well this just came handy. I’m going to kitchen store just next week since I’m renovating my new home. My style is more mid century modern, but I found couple good ideas which I will implement in my design for sure. Thanks for that!

  7. Lulu Manu

    I like the info, but with all due respect, a 1'25'' introduction out of a 10:05 video is *a lot*. Combined with an English spoken with a heavy accent, it makes you want to give up on the video altogether. Sorry to be blunt, please take it as well-meant feedback.

  8. Dulani Gamage

    I love your videos.. i have a small kitchen. I wan a redo it. But am not financially strong. I am gathering your points to do setep by step. Thank you so much for your lovely advises…

  9. arifa shaik

    Hi zara. this is wonderful video about kitchen.i am from our kitchen we cooking more spices.i thinking my kitchen is to be modern and at the same time it will be easy for which colour is to be suitable for my kitchen

  10. Carlos Alvarez

    A mΓ­ me gusta la cocina blanca y mate,con perfil gola.
    Las cocinas Santos son preciosas,Γ©chales un vistazo.
    Muy buen video Zahira πŸ‘

  11. douglas yong

    Is it odd to have an island say stainless steel ala commercial kitchen, but with wood cabinets and marble countertop ? Your channel is truly inspiring

  12. dedei ridley

    πŸ™πŸΏ Thanks for sharing your design ideas. A great help for newbies like me.

  13. jaena manuntag

    Hello Zahira!! Im your new follower.. I really love designing, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge… your video help me a lot and i am applying now on my current renovation of my house using contemporary and scandi design.. and I hope you dont mind if i ask an advice regarding my foyer wall? Im just wondering what is the best design to do.. thank you so much zahira!! GOD BLESS YOU MORE!!!


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