Check out a complete list of the furniture in this video here: How to design small spaces is the …

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  1. A. Gisel Cabrera

    Zahira just decided on our custom made sofa for a living room/open kitchen. The kitchen is graphite grey and concrete backsplash all the area is wooden floors in a warm tone but not yellowish… and we decided to go for a tan leather sofa not chubby but clean lines… think we screwed it up with the color … any recommendations? Still need to buy carpet curtains and most of the furniture… thank you!!!

  2. Nihal

    Great tips I will incorporate these into my home for sure glad to see more videos from you keep up the good work ciao

  3. Nimeshika Darshani

    First of all let me thank you for this wonderful Chanel 😘, my question is I would like to do my living dining and tv area tiles in white color and is it suitable to do my bed rooms in wooden tiles, if I do my bedroom in wooden tile what colors should I use for walls and curtains. Thank you.

  4. Jill Martin

    Just a quick question if you don't mind…I have noticed how often that design ideas show two sofas facing each other either side of the fireplace. Whilst I understand how nice this looks, I would think that most of us would watch the TV in this room wouldnt be possible with this placement of furniture. Why then do we see this so often and not a TV friendly option

  5. Evelyn Glick

    The plastic ( Acrylic) chairs seem to not be timeless. Not my style

  6. Fernando Lima Freitas

    Zahira sempre elegante e sofisticada, como seus ambientes.


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