How to design a Living Room + Dining Room open space is one of the most popular question when its come to interior design. In this video I show you some tips …

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  1. Sandi Baby312

    Thank you. 💕

    My day at the office is going by so much faster…..must be your videos 😊

  2. Maria Gabaldon

    Hi Zaharia. I’m glad I found your channel, you are very knowledgeable and a good teacher. I been trying to decorate my daughter studio apartment. She loves mid century modern with a touch of glam. Can you give me some ideas on how to incorporate both styles?

  3. Nivanshika Jha

    Hi Zahira, I have just subscribed your channel and really learning a lot…. Already binge watched so many videos but Zahira I really get confused about deciding the colour palette for my rooms in terms of accessories and artefacts…I really really want to learn it . Can you please help me with that

  4. Yosi Budiarto

    hi Zahira , what design software you use to design interior, so wonderful design, i wan to learn

  5. Matin Angel

    What a great video again! So informative! I also found D. Signers on Amazon, brilliant! Cheers from Greece

  6. Simon Dennis

    I recently started watching these video's and now I wish I'd been watching from the beginning. Brilliant!! You've simplified interior design for a straight guy in minutes. Thank you 👍

  7. TruthFLA

    How would your advice change for a large living room. I recently painted it grey/silver and plan on adding a navy blue textured wall paper accent wall. But all the furniture in it leaving. There bare so many possibilities that I am a bit lost. Help

  8. Karen Mooney

    Thank you so much for your help. You have really answered my questions. I am moving from a house to an open plan apartment. ❤️

  9. Canal Ideas para comparti

    Excelente aclaración muchas gracias por tu respuesta! Pienso q la plana es una muy buena idea y una lampara de pie con una pantalla grande podria llevar la atencion a algo vertical y equilibrar alturas! Genial. Gracias Cariños! 😃

  10. Elena Елена

    Dear Zahira!
    I am always waiting for your videos und every time I‘m positively surprised how well structured and informative they are. Thanks a lot for your job and keep on doing what you do! Great job!!!
    Best wishes,

  11. ashwini shinde

    Hello Zahira..another informative video….👍…you have simplified designing jargons.kudos to your efforts.I have request to make…can you pls make video on decorating rented apartments…most of the ppl find difficult to find right accessories for rented house (just like me) coz it has lot of limitations.

  12. Alexander Starz

    excellent video as always !!!check your personal instagram messages i nees your help decorating my open living room kitchen!greetings from corfu greece once again!!
    ive checked also your web site is amazing

  13. Sandra Hernandez

    Hola Kahira! Gracias por ese vídeo como siempre ayudándome y a muchos, 🎉👍🏻 te quería preguntar aún no tengo sillas para mi comedor indrustrial y mi sofá verde en terciopelo, entonces que me aconsejas unas sillas de terciopelo negro/gris con patas doradas o unas de cuero sintético con patas negras, creo que mi estilo es indristrial pero me gustan todos jajaja, espero como siempre tu próximo vídeo!

  14. Al Ra

    Here comes my favourite designer Zahira with another informative video. I have followed so many designers on YouTube but Zahira’s videos are most informative and relatable. Keep up the good work Zahira 😘

  15. fashonista girl

    Hi Zahira! Unfortunately, I have a separate small kitchen. I would so much like to unite them, but there will be a supporting column. What do you prefer to combine a living room with a kitchen or separately?

  16. Chinlue Black

    My dining room is about 10×12 with light grey wall and a big window but my husband has a 8 seater cherry wood table and matching hutch/China cabinet that he refuses to get rid off but in my opinion they make the room look dark and outdated. Can you tell me how to make the room light, Airy and fresh while still keeping the table and hutch please?

  17. dawn lynas

    Please do a video on how to use the colour black in rooms. I love your videos 🙂

  18. Athir Hatem

    OMG, you are reading my mind !! this is what I was looking for. many thanks 🙂

  19. O C

    Thank you for your design tips. I recently moved to a 1 bedroom apt. With a living room/dinning room that's13' x 13'. Been looking for a reversible sectional sofa sleeper with storage and no longer than 82”. I been looking in Macy's and Wayfair but . Can you recommend any other places that sell the sofa I described. Thank you

  20. Canal Ideas para comparti

    Hermoso Video como siempre.!!!!,!Me gustaria que explicaras como mantener la armonía de las alturas en un mismo ambiente. Por ejemplo. Tengo techo de doble altura con chandelier sobre el comedor y siento que el living quedo como muy bajito comparado con el living. Que puedo hacer las proporciones de alturas? Cariños 😃🇦🇷

  21. brittany Farinas

    Hi! Love the videos. Can you make a video about how to pick the right area rug? Recommendations on color-size-shape with different color schemes???

  22. Jackie Grant

    Loved the information – looking at redoing my living and dining space – timely thanks

  23. Olivia Basa

    Hello! I will be furnishing the one level apartment of my daughter. She wants Sage Green Accent wall in the living/dining room and Teal Blue accent in her bedroom. What color should be floor for both rooms? Thanks

  24. Aditya Kumar Subudhi

    Mam please make a video on how to mix and match two different style.

  25. Jorge Rodriguez

    Hola!! Zahira que hermosa! 🌹 Y como siempre otro buen video, antes prácticamente renové casi el total de mi habitación, ahora haré lo mismo con mi sala 😁, gracias a Ti. quería hacer un centro de entretenimiento para mi tv, lo que pasa es que tengo varios libros, adornos,….etc ahora viendo me gustó mas poner una consola. Así que manos a lo obra 💪. Saludos!! 🇵🇪❤️.


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