Designer Danielle Nicholas Bryk takes us on a tour of the newly renovated main floor of her own family home. Step inside the high-style, open-concept space, …

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  1. oldmoviemusic

    Love how original and personal this space feels – perfection!

  2. yushi911

    I prefer close pantry but i like the vibe of your kitchen. Very warm and welcoming.

  3. Alexander Novoselov

    Fabric above the fireplace? It's very brave! I hope that insurance company don't watched this video πŸ™‚

  4. christos yiannakou

    I'm positive that you're kitchen it's made by plywood not solid wood

  5. architecturaldream1

    Two out of three kids still live at home?!? She doesn't look much older than thirty! Damn! Skincare routine please!!

  6. Ratnesh Jain

    Looks like a total mismatch… Confusion. Shelfs look very cheap n dining was mediocre.
    Wall paintings r dreadful.
    Only 2 things looking beautiful wr ur dogs n of course You.

  7. radicalaccounting

    I think this whole look isn't for many, but I love it. I bought those metal racks decades ago and just keep finding new places for them. Sports equipment first. Storage (bookkeeping boxes cover in wall paper fit perfectly), now in my office for all my techie stuff. Other's don't love them as I do, so it's interesting that an Interior designer took to them!

  8. Syah Nazmi

    I always Love to watch Danielle Bryk and her designs. Amazing! She alwas blew me away

  9. Naomi

    style is cool, but that kimono over the fireplace is just asking for a house fire πŸ”₯😬

  10. Felicia Mccreary

    I thought I was the only one that loved the metal racks, lol

  11. Louisa Brennan

    Wow this women is really annoying for someone who has such a chill space

  12. efthymia pasiarde

    Am I the only one who sees Lionel Messi in that drawing above the cooker and on another painting at the end?!?
    Oh and I love this space Danielle!!!

  13. chryssa pitsa

    Loove this different style!!Excellent combination of boho/minimal elements@Great result with character!πŸ‘ŒπŸ’™

  14. wellofloneliness

    Awesome makeover! I really love its vibe
    But Danielle, please make a video on how you keep your fabulous shape too. We're so jealous :p

  15. CreativeQueen x

    πŸ‘” Hello friends love you allπŸ’•πŸ’•


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