This 24′ tiny home is built 10′ wide to accommodate a bed on the main level while still keeping a spacious feel. The bathroom was one of the main focuses on this build and features a full size…

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17 Responses

  1. victoria brown

    The kitchen the front door and that bathroom this not a tinyhouse just beautiful

  2. christy critser

    wow 10min 29sec of the same music over and over, very distracting

  3. Nanna Skare

    lovely home ! great craftsmanship! how do you get up to the loft ? why is this video so long ? you could do a better job just showing in wide angle!

  4. suzyljank

    cute but needs a stove with an oven and a refrigerator to be fully functional.

  5. Fred Brackner

    Love the bathroom but I wouldn't want to undress with out some kind of way to cover the windows.

  6. Richard Christie

    I didn't see the bed on the main level or a way into the loft. Lovely bathroom and kitchen.

  7. Evelyn Turner

    I really wish I could forward one of these. I have my eyes on a little bit property and my cousin and I could really use our own spaces and the piece of property I'm looking at would easily fit two of these tiny homes. I'm disabled I am a kitty cat mama. I take and bottle baby kittens have been abandoned by their mother or for some reason have lost their mother. I hope I need kittens good homes and I really wish I could get a tiny house that was cat friendly and on the piece of property that I want to buy.


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