This modern 2 Bhk adobe is designed for Saket, Amrita’s and Kiara the naughty little one. Kira is an active and bubbly 6-year-old daughter of them. Saket and …

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  1. Rohit Ramavat

    Sir why you don't mentioned there cost… sir next tym please mentioned total cost of design …a humble request to you


    Cluster of mirrors, and pictures, and motifs, and lights
    .. 😊

  3. Singh Beena

    Nice interior but the way to represent is not good as its not clearing many thing where is entrance and how it has been decorated and many more. Please don't mind and take it as feedback

  4. kaushal mehta

    Dear Bonito price bhi bataya Karo itna Sundar Ka Kitna lete ho

  5. ira choudhary

    There are so many decor pieces from Amazon. Pls share link if possible. As the runner on dining table is the same I have bought from AmazonπŸ˜ƒ

  6. nishma Shoukath

    What is the measurement of the house? How much square feet??

  7. fathima firdouse

    I think interior is good but decoration is 😍😍😍

  8. Akhil Jindal

    I live in Chandigarh
    So can you tell me how can i contact you for your services

  9. Shalu Lamba

    Wonderful house kitchen is too gud but y washing machine NW a days people keeping in a kitchen

  10. Satya Nikhila

    Hi @BONITO ! I’ve been following your work since an year and it’s just amazing! Kudos to you for doing such an amazing and quality work!
    So Do you mind clearing my doubt? If not, could you tell us the estimate of a 1750 sqft house? (It includes Living foyer dining kitchen and 3 bedrooms)


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