WATERHAUS PREFAB TINY HOME (450 SQ FT) This 450 sq ft prefab tiny house is both stunning and sustainable. Built by Green Pod Development, a company …

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  1. yoli

    The outside of the house is absolutely beautiful but the inside no I do not like the design it just seems to cookie cutterif I had an opportunity I would buy this home the inside I would do totally different

  2. Cliff Berry

    Might want to give the architect and builder credit versus publishing their material and posting under your channel.

  3. Dr. Sass

    Panning random pictures like this makes it very hard to grasp where everything is, despite the floorplan being shown. Instead, why not do a slow walkthrough or at least slowly show the entire pictures, no panning, and make sure each picture is shown where it connects to the other one; like doing a walkthrough with them? Otherwise showing the design is useless if someone is unable to grasp the floorplans and the functionality within them.

  4. purplefireweed

    Another endlessly boring vid of still shots in which it's difficult to get a sense of the actual layout of the unit. Not at all interested in slow pans of FURNITURE and DECOR. What's the point of starting with the kitchen, going elsewhere, then coming back for more slow shots of the kitchen? Frustrating!!!!!!

  5. Winifred Coffefe

    perfect with a full size range and eliminate a few lower windows.

  6. Shahana Hussain

    Ur tiny houses r undoubtedly remarkable and built unlike a tiny house. Only a few suggestions are here to add up to the assence. Try to avoid lower ceiling loft bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom should be in opposite direction so the aroma of cooking could stay apart from sanitary stuff and try to shoot the video from a specific distance so that the viewer may watch the complete scenario of the spot. Good luck 🍀

  7. Andrea Horne

    love the design of this tiny home but wheres the sleeping quarters?

  8. Karen Vanderstraeten

    I read somewhere tile isn't the best choice in a house, though I love it! What's the magic trick? Or is this not very durable or meant to go on the road often either ?

  9. Etoile Dor

    LOURD 💨🏅🥇💎💎👏💪🏆🏆🏆🥇🏅👍👏✊👏 très très LOURD LOURD 🏅🥇💎


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